Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Quick Hat (Straight Needles)

Note: These hats are particularly simple. The only skill required is the ability to knit both garter and purl stitch for the ribbed cuff. There is no increasing or decreasing. From the picture, I am seen wearing the multicolored hat, which was the Red Heart Super Saver 399 Fiesta Jewel. From the picture, the hat on the right was used with the Red Heart Super Saver 387 Soft Navy. Unfortunately, I do not know the yarn used for the white hat, but it is a scratchy mohair like yarn.

Size 11 knitting needles
Yarn (at least have 1/4 of skein)
yarn sewing needle
Pins (optional)

1) Cast on 60 stitches and knit a rib in a knit 2, purl 2 fashion for 2 1/2 inches.

2) Once done with the rib, knit in garter for 5 inches.

3) Once hat is 7 1/2 inches long, bind off.

Sewing it Together:

1) Take your rectangle and fold it in half. Be sure to fold it so that what's to be the inside of the hat, is now facing outwards. (We're going to fold it inside out in the end)Pin the edges of the hat with pins if you have them.

2) Take your sewing yarn (should be the yarn you used to knit with) and tie it to your sewing needle. Sew the seams.

3) You should now have a tube. Remove the pins if used. Next, to sew the top of the hat, tie yarn to your sewing needle, and at the top of the hat (about 1 cm from the top), insert your sewing needle and begin weaving the yarn in and out of the hat. Pull tightly on the yarn as you weave, there should be a drawstring effect. (weave in and out about every 3 stitches) Once back at the beginning, pull VERY tight, being sure to not sew below the drawstring line, begin stabbing and sewing the clump in every direction until the clump is very dense and compact. Take your yarn and wrap it around the dense clump 3 times, stab your needle through the middle of clump, and tie a knot. Cut off.

4) Flip your hat inside out! Yay! You're done!

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